It’s a party!

It’s a party!

It’s nice to stay in touch with friends from home during my time here. Most of the friends I have are from secondary school or friends I met during my studies. Some of them are sporty, others try to be sporty and others do nothing with sports. We all have different priorities and goals but that makes it really fun to be together.

I’ve been away now for 4 weeks and several times I am asked if the parties here are as great as what we always hear about the parties in Australia and if I already met a new lover – which has to be an Australian surfer boy. When I answer this question I sometimes feel that I have to explain myself. Because I haven’t been to a party yet and I don’t care about the Australian surfer boys.

How do my days look like? I wake up in the early morning – sunrise is around 5 am – and start with a good breakfast. Training is for me a daily occurrence and I follow the schedule that is created by my coaches. During most days I have 2 or 3 trainings, sometimes I have rest after 1 training. In between my trainings you might think that I do some sightseeing, but this is not what I do. Or I go to the hospital or a nice cafe and do some work, or I go back home and take a little nap to recover for the next training. When I am done with my trainings I feel tired most of the time, make some (big) dinner and go to bed early.

When I tell this to my friends, I am sure that some think that I am really crazy and some ask if I feel lonely.

Although I can understand these feelings, this is not the case and I am really happy here. During the last years I have been really busy and planned always too many things that I could do in 1 day. I never was at home, never sat on a couch, actually never had some rest.

Here, I am really relaxed and don’t have any stress. The pool’s black line is my new best friend, together with my TT-bike and my running shoes. Haha this also makes me laugh, and one year ago I couldn’t imagine that this would be my situation. And of course there are some downsides of it, but the main thing is that I am fulfilling a passion and want to become the best triathlete that I can be. Because I never want to look back and think ‘what if’, I want to push myself to the limit, want to develop my potential and will adapt my lifestyle for this. I believe in myself and hope that together with my coaches we can book some great results!

And of course I won’t forget to do some sightseeing here, visit wonderful places and have some nights with drinks, but I don’t have to wear this party dress and high heels that often anymore. I will make my own party of it!

Cheers, Els


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