Second life – Work and Sports

Second life

Work and Sports
A week after the accident, I restarted my studies and graduated with honor a year later in 2015. I continued working as a PhD-candidate for the department of Surgery. As a PhD-candidate I published different articles about esophageal cancer surgery in high impact international journals. Together with our research group we visited different congresses worldwide where I presented my work. A wonderful and learningful period in which I gained great experiences and had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from surgery world.

In my spare time I started to run more regularly. Running for me was a moment to relax and to clear my head. I also enjoyed the challenge of going that little but further and faster each time. I had always the dream to finish a marathon, so I entered the one in Amsterdam 2015 and started training myself on schedules. I ran the marathon in October 2015, and crossed the line in 03.33.39. After this race I wanted to do more and continued running with the aim to run on time. Unfortunately I fell during an obstacle run and was injured at my ankle. Because I wanted to stay fit I decided to start swimming again in July 2016. I also started with bike riding. My colleagues did a lot of riding together and invited me. I had never sat on a racebike but could borrow one of a friend and learnt how to ride it. One month later I bought my own bike and together with some friends we entered a sprint triathlon in Amsterdam. I had no idea how to race and what to do. During the swim I did not look and swam to the side, I lost my bike in the transition zone and changed my clothes for the run. I was totally surprised that I won this race! But most important; I really had fun and enjoyed every moment. This day have changed a lot.

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