My second trip in Indonesia was a special one. After I did an internship in Bali and travelled around for 3 months I decided to make a boat trip from Lombok to Komodo during my last week. On the second day in the middle of the night, the boat sank. We had no satellite phone, no GPS or navigational equipment, not even any flares. During the night, I clung to the wreckage, together with 24 people on board. After sunrise in the morning and when no rescue came, I swum together with a woman from New Zealand for shore. It took us 8 hours to make that swim. The island we arrived on was vulcanic and uninhabited. We spent a night on this island and drank our own urine to survive. In the morning we were rescued after attracting the attention of a passing boat by waving our life jackets. Two of the passengers didn’t survive the accident and I know that I’ve been really lucky that my life continued. The accident reached the newspapers and I did several interviews on television and for magazines. And of course it changed my life… I realize that it can be short and therefore I want to live my life and follow my dreams.

Backpacking through Indonesia, Bali.
The boat that sank.
To live – to survive – to be alive. A tattoo on my ankle that symbolizes the accident in Indonesia.




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